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What is Career Aptitude Guidance for Students?

Career Aptitude Guidance (CAG) is exactly what the phrase means: it is a quiz or, often, a survey, that is used to assess the personality of an individual, including his skills, interests and passions, and point them in the right direction on what career choice to make, or which career path to take.

Career tests can be likened to career interest surveys, but they are crafted or structured in a more fun and flexible manner. The questions are more relatable, meaning that the respondent will find them easier, as they are more grounded in reality.

Through a series of questions and statements, a picture of the person or individual may be conjured, using elements such as his skills, aptitudes, preferences, expectations, personalities and interests. This picture will then be matched with possible career choices and possibilities.

Who will benefit from career aspiration tests?

  • Students that are trying to figure out what to major in college or university, or what job to do in the future in general;
  • Individuals who are second-guessing their original choice of careers and are contemplating making a career change;
  • Individuals who are still clueless on what they are good at, or what possible job or career will make them happy;
  • Individuals who are unaware of their career possibilities available to them;
  • Parents and career counselors that hope to influence and guide other people in choosing their career paths; and
  • Corporations and organizations that want to maintain and sustain its human resource management programs. They also use career quizzes in their recruitment processes, to ensure that they recruit the best employees for their organization.

However, there is one thing that you should beware of when using career quizzes. These quizzes are not supposed to decide what career path you should follow. They are only meant to be used as guides, providing you a hint or a clue of what possible line of work or career to pursue. They are meant to help you find direction, not bring you to the final destination.

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