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  Week-5 (May 31-June 4)
1May 31The Tense– I: Passato Prossimo, Vocabulary, Exercises, Dialogue. Additional- Mass prayers-1
2June 1The Tense – 2: Imperfetto, Vocabulary, Exercises, Dialogue – Mass prayers – 2
3June 2The Tense – 3: Futuro, Vocabulary, Exercises, Dialogue – Mass prayers-3
4June 3The Tense – 4: Condizionale, Vocabulary, Exercises, Dialogue – Mass prayers-4
5June 4 (June 5)Vocabulary, Italian Expressions, Dialogue, Exercises, Weekly test. Saturday Rosary recited in Italian.
  Week-6 (June 7-June 11)
6June 7Verbs – Riflessivi, Vocabulary, Exercises, Italian Culture, Breviary Psalms-1
7June 8Pronouns – 1: Diretti, Vocabulary, Exercises, Italian cuisine, Breviary Psalms-2
8June 9Pronouns – 2: Indiretti, Vocabulary, Exercises, Italian geography, Breviary Psalms-3
9June 10La grammatica essentiale, Tense – Passato remoto, Breviary Psalms, etc…
10June 11Exam. Prayers, Dialogues, etc…